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VAN GARD AbilityVans spent over a year going to wheelchair accessible vehicle manufacturers, looking for the right blend of quality people and products, for HugsAmerica Charity Events to have complete confidence in recommending a company through The Family Flame and the Andru’s Kids nonprofit organizations' assistance projects.

VAN GARD AbilityVans is a HugsAmerica project made possible because of the RideAway company and their team of dealers across America that serve as a role model for integrity, with a proven reputation of successfully building better lives for people with disabilities in the communities we live in.

RideAway is the home of QualityPeople and QualityVans

VAN GARD AbilityVans is the tradename HugsAmerica uses to track responses from celebrity interviews and events that feature selected mobility products, and RideAway has become America’s largest retailer of modified vehicles and adaptive equipment for people with disabilities. They offer products from every major adaptive equipment source, backed by the longest warranties and largest adaptive vehicle inventory in the industry, including minivans, full-size vans and paratransit vehicles, with 10-year financing options, and lease programs. Daily, weekly or monthly rentals are also available.

VAN GARD AbilityVans and HugsAmerica Charity Events is proud to support Project Hollywood Cares, distributing special packages of movie DVDs, hit TV series videos, music CDs and telephone calling cards to U.S. military personnel around the world. And now they are able to assist returning wounded servicemen and women through the RideAway VetsMobileOps program, giving disabled veterans who have a VA-funded adaptive vehicle a FREE accessibility and maintenance checkup every six months.


HugsAmerica provides wheelchair transportation for the hospitalized and the disabled.

HugsAmerica arranged to get a family van for Michael after
his surgery.

HugsAmerica spokesperson Angela Watson tours a U.S. nuclear submarine (left) and with “According to Jim” star Jim Belushi (right) visits military veterans at VA hospitals and brings awareness to the VetsMobileOps program provided by RideAway.

Angela Watson Ads
Blending celebrities with quality products for auctions and high profile media to generate attendance and donations