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VALIANT HOUSE projects are community-based locations, with a dual purpose: to provide safety and security for both victims of child abuse and domestic violence. For the children, the houses are a shade of green and generally just like a foster home, but earmarked to help with medical and psychological support.

For the adults the houses are a shade of blue in neighborly settings, with emphasis on teaching the warning signs of domestic violence and ways to reach out for help, before becoming victims.

VALIANT HOUSE properties are made possible through the Radiant Hearts and hard work of volunteers, corporations and hometown business owners. They not only renovate houses, but also keep them in good condition for years with lawn care, security, phones, furniture, computers, plumbing and electrical, and all maintenance.

VALIANT HOUSE projects are honored to have the dedicated support of companies that are normally competitors that provide a range of help, from building materials and paint, to telephone and Internet services, rental cars, airlines and hotel rooms. They all give together from Florida to California and Tennessee to Illinois, creating safe and loving environments.

Angela Watson is an award-winning actress who began her career at the age of 10, appearing in a number of national commercials and then coming into America’s livingrooms in two network TV series, “Davis Rules” with Randy Quaid and Jonathan Winters, and seven seasons as co-star of the family hit comedy “Step by Step” with Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers.

Angela has worked hard in the position of spokesperson for HugsAmerica to bring attention to the VALIANT HOUSE project. Angela not only does media appearances and attends fundraising events, but she always rolls up her sleeves and works side-by-side with volunteers and building contractors at the charity facility sites. This is Angela’s photo album of the companies and supporters of VALIANT HOUSE.

CLICK photos below to visit friends of HugsAmerica!






CLICK photos below to visit friends of HugsAmerica!

THANK YOU - Delta Airlines Croton Van Gard and Angela
HYATT COOPERTIRES Interstate Batteries
Zales Lennox THANK YOU - National Valiant House Projects
Staples THANK YOU - Days Hotel Fred Guy's Auto Body
CURE Burbank Auto Parts THANK YOU - Arborwell
THANK YOU - Leslie's Enterprise Self Storage UHAUL
THANK YOU - Fast Signs THANK YOU - American Express THANK YOU - WWE Superstar
THANK YOU - U-Stor Cort Furniture THANK YOU - Lowes
THANK YOU - K&D THANK YOU - Sherwin Williams Paint THANK YOU - Roys
THANK YOU - Tampa Tile THANK YOU - Brisco Brothers THANK YOU - Manzy Lawn
THANK YOU - American Moving THANK YOU - Brad's Pool Service THANK YOU - Whistle Stop
THANK YOU - Burbank Bike Shop THANK YOU - Angela and Shauna THANK YOU - The Larkins
THANK YOU - Planet Stereo THANK YOU - Tim Blenkush Plumbing THANK YOU - Home Design
THANK YOU - Pinnacle Security Systems Valiant House THANK YOU - Haskell Termite & Pest Control
THANK YOU - Clean Haul THANK YOU - Modern Window Fashions THANK YOU - PDQ Disposal