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PET CARE ACCESS promotes pet adoption and serves to protect at-risk animals, and in association with award winning movie and "Step by Step" TV series star Angela Watson, works with shelters and animal care rescue groups to raise funds and by assisting outreach programs like "The Pet Place" telethons.

PET CARE ACCESS recognizes the need to reduce and control an exploding animal population, and Angela teams up with other celebrities to bring media attention and education, including the "Let's Explore. . .Furry, Fishy, Feathery Friends" family video, which is a fun guide to finding the right pet and, at the same time reminding everyone that available spay and neuter options are a very important way we can help to end the problem of pet overpopulation.

PET CARE ACCESS is able to distribute food through the popular Angela Watson "Rescue Animals Food Drive" events, and provide medical services and find homes for abandoned and abused animals, as well as supporting veterinarians coast-to-coast from 100% of the "Let's Explore" video sales worldwide.

Associating with a variety of exceptional veterinary care clinics that save the lives of abandoned animals, pet rescues get help from TV series star Angela Watson.

"Step by Step" TV series star and HugsAmerica PET spokesperson Angela Watson greets fans at PET fairs, where she donates 100% of "Let's Explore" video sales to help veterinary clinics that provide
PET treatment for abandoned and endangered animals.

Legendary D.J. and "Walk of Fame" celebrity voice
Charlie Tuna joins Angela and HUGS at a supermarket
"Rescue Animals Food Drive".

Earl Holliman, star of the classic "Police Woman" series and Angela support animal rights, and Angela has guest-star hosted "The Pet Place" telethons to find homes for abandoned pets.

Film and TV star Angela Watson also works with neighborhood pet stores that donate food and supplies for rescue animals.