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THE FAMILY FLAME was inspired by a wonderful elder care advocate in Florida, a lady who has dedicated her life to being a moving force to improve conditions and services in nursing homes, with a team of specialists like cardiologist Dr. Eric Harrison, which project soon expanded to assist families in medical crisis.

THE FAMILY FLAME is also working hand-in-hand with national food banks to service the S.T.A.R.Hugs (Secure Theatrical Artists Resource) "Feeding Our Own" outreach program; when the shows end, the bright lights dim and the cameras are off, real life problems can lead to hard times for some former performers on television, in movies and on stage, as well as other talented people behind the scenes, and S.T.A.R.Hugs provides food, medical aid, clothing and other living essentials to entertainment industry families.

THE FAMILY FLAME is very excited about it's affiliation with industry leaders in the forefront of developing technology for the finest in state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment, to launch "Clara Cancer Care" that offers free breast and other cancer screenings for indigent and under insured patients in need of breast health attention.

CLICK photos below to visit friends of HugsAmerica!

“Tonight Show” announcer Edd Hall with TV and film stars
Angela Watson, Morgan Fairchild and Esai Morales honored by the
City of Los Angeles for their work with the S.T.A.R.Hugs project
that provides free cancer screenings to indigent and underinsured
patients, including entertainment industry families needing help.

Angela takes a look at Dr. Harrison’s heart-felt work, and it’s “thumbs-up” after Nick’s successful heart surgery.

Blending celebrities with quality products for auctions and high profile media to generate attendance and donations.