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Being in movies and on TV shows may sound like a dream, but for many child actors, being stars turned into a nightmare when their own parents stole their money. Not only actors are victims; country music superstar Leann Rimes and an Olympic champion gymnast also lost millions when their earnings were mishandled. This has made efforts by Angela Watson invaluable to young performers in sports and entertainment.

Angela was one of those victimized film and television stars, with parents who squandered over $2.5 million of her earnings from commercials and two network series, “Davis Rules” and “Step by Step” during a 10-year period. Angela fought back and won court decisions in three states, and then worked to change laws that now better protect minors in the entertainment industry.

“The War Room” is what Angela lovingly calls the donated studio office, which she and a staff of volunteers use after establishing CAST (Child Actors Supporting Themselves) to coordinate accountants, investigators and attorneys for child performers needing help. Getting high praise from civic leaders, and others in show business, Angela is a star who is making a difference in our world.

Ms. Angela Watson goes to Washington.
The biggest concern of Karen Foster on the network series "Step by Step" was which shade of lipstick to wear. The actress who played Foster... (CLICK HERE to read the full article)

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Angela Villaragosa, and Gould

L.A. mayor with Oscar nominee Elliott Gould
applaud Angela’s work.

Angela Working

Angela personally handles over 3,500 calls with actors every year.

Blending celebrities with quality products for auctions and high profile media to generate attendance and donations.