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ANDRU’S KIDS began as fun-filled department store parking lot events for the whole family, where celebrities participated in Racing Against Drugs races on modified lawn mowers. This generated tremendous media attention, making communities coast-to-coast more aware of the need to educate children about the pitfalls of drug abuse, and raising donations to help neighborhood programs steer kids away from drugs.

ANDRU’S KIDS races became so popular that the celebrity racing events not only spread to the professional circuit, but IndyCars, trucks, stock cars, other drivers and racing teams also began donating a portion of their winnings to hometown Racing Against Drugs anti-drug campaigns.


ANDRU’S KIDS has expanded to helping parents of special needs children, and that’s children of all ages, like Michael, a young man who was born afflicted with spinal complications, which grew into other medical problems as he entered adulthood.

ANDRU’S KIDS went into action through their Connecting Parents with Doctors program, getting Michael’s mother in touch with the renowned Dr. Barth Green, who supervised the immediately needed surgery, and successful series of related treatments.

ANDRU’S KIDS was there to help in another way, when Michael’s mother literally blew-out her car’s engine while rushing across the state to get her son to the hospital.

Working with, HugsAmerica and Andru’s Kids arranged the donation of a brand-new family minivan.

Angela Villaragosa, and Gould

HugsAmerica "Racing Against Drugs"

Angela Working

Angela and Dr. Green welcome Michael for special care.


Angela Villaragosa, and Gould

Danny gives Angela a great start.

Angela Villaragosa, and Gould

Michael and his mother after his successful surgery.

Blending celebrities with quality products for auctions and high profile media to generate attendance and donations.